Please make sure you have read all the instructions in the submission guidelines

What we look for:
We are searching for fresh new faces with a unique look, serious interest in an international model carreer and willing to travel all around the world.

Requirements Female Models:
• Age:  Between 14 and 22
• Height:  174 cm - 1.82
• Waist:  Maximum 65 cm
• Hips:  Maximum 90 cm
• Dress:  32 - 36

Requirements Female Athletes:
• Age:   Between 16 and 30
• Be fit!   Have a healthy lifestyle!

Please send us the natural images as shown in the submission guidelines with your following details:
• Age and Date of birth
• Height in cm
• Bust in cm
• Waist in cm
• Hips in cm

Next Ragazza Model

When you apply, tell us all about yourself, especially why you want to be a Ragazza Model.
Please remember you’re trying to make an impression on someone who has never met you.
Make sure this impression is great! Show us who you are and what you look like at your most natural.

Send your application with all your details and images to:

When will I hear back?
Unfortunately, due to high demand we aren’t able to reach out to everyone. However, if we feel you’re right for us we will surely be in touch. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back from us. Remember, you might not be the right age or height, or it just might not be the right time. Believe us, things change quickly in this business so feel free to apply again in the future.